About Zenjo Press

Zenjo Press Mission

Zenjo Press seeks to promote well-being and growth in all areas of life by offering wisdom and empowerment in mind, body, and spirit. The name Zenjo comes from the Japanese word used by Buddhists to describe the summit of Mt. Fuji, a place so sacred and perfect in proportion and elegance that it seemed to them to embody the essence of concentration in its purest form—also called Zenjo: that sharp focus of meditation that can become the gateway to nirvana as we learn to leave behind the common distractions and errors of daily living. Zenjo Press seeks to be that meditational focus: a gateway offering access to that essence through its forthcoming titles offering wisdom and guidance along many pathways of daily life, encompassing art, self-help, philosophy, and spirituality.

This holistic approach to knowledge is an outgrowth of Zenjo's parent, Koala Jo Publishing, which took its inspiration from the koala—a quintessential symbol of gentleness and innocence but also gifted, in Australian Aboriginal lore, with great shamanic powers, strength, courage, and independence—thus manifesting the dual sides of nature, as exemplified in the well-known symbol for yin and yang. The koala is also one of the most nurturing of animals, carrying and caring for its young in a way extraordinary among creatures, and this too is a goal of Zenjo—to nurture the spirit while at the same time providing mind and body with needful wisdom.

Just as Koala Jo seeks to offer a way to reconnect with nature and spirit through the koala, Zenjo seeks to offer a way to reconnect with the source of wisdom and guidance, through diverse paths leading toward our highest purpose. We welcome you on this journey, whether you seek a return to ancient wisdom or choose to venture forth on a life quest. Our authors can illuminate your travels, whether those journeys are inward reflections or outward explorations. We hope that you will find your path enriched by them and by their wisdom—of heart, of mind, of body, and of spirit.